Automatic Waterless Fire Suppression Systems for the Transportation Industry

Critical Assets to Protect:

  • Air/land/waterway traffic control systems
  • Airport field lighting controls
  • Flight simulators
  • Vessels storage areas
  • Barges, tow boats, ships
  • Locomotives
  • Buses
  • IT systems/hardware/software
  • IT/electrical cabinets
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Back-up generators
  • Electric power and motor control rooms
  • Machinery and pump rooms
  • Crane operator and motor housings
  • Security monitoring systems
  • Flammable liquid storage, handling, and transfer areas
  • Fuel dispensing and storage areas
  • Records
    • Legal documents
    • Client and prospect information
    • Non-electronic source documents
  • Reference materials
  • Electronics
  • Fuel dispensing and storage areas
  • Vital, long-replenishment time equipment, parts, and components

Other water-sensitive electronic equipment, processes, or areas.