It’s the Law!

Is that why most business owners choose to have their fire protection equipment properly maintained by an Illinois fire and safety company? No. A fire can hurt your employees and your business. Insurance will only cover so much. Downtime is costly and may result in lost customers. Employees will leave unsafe work environments. Planning for the right protection is invaluable, but only part of the job. Your fire protection equipment must be maintained so it is ready to prevent major disasters. We can help!

Sprinkler System Inspections

We provide testing and inspection services for fire sprinkler systems, whether wet or dry pipe systems.  We test such things as water flow indicators, wet and dry system control valves, tamper switches, gauges, and main drains  We also check the condition and orientation of sprinkler heads, to ensure they will operate properly and effectively. We’ll provide the 5-year internal pipe inspections and any other non-annual testing, when needed.  Upon completion, we’ll provide you with an Inspection report and also submit a copy to any authorities that require us to do so.

Fire Alarm Systems Inspections

We provide inspection services on fire alarm systems and their related components, including testing the fire alarm control panel to ensure all controls function properly.  We test the initiating devices, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, and pull stations and also test and document electrical supply voltage.   Finally, we evaluate the need to modify part or all of the fire alarm system due to changes in code or your operations.   Upon completion, we’ll provide you with an Inspection report and also submit a copy to any authorities that require us to do so.

Backflow Prevention Device Inspections

We provide annual inspections on backflow prevention devices to ensure contaminated water does not flow back into the potable water system.  During our inspection, we note the water supply pressure and then take pressure readings from both chambers in the backflow devices to make sure that there is no loss of pressure within each chamber.  Then we’ll exercise the relief valve to ensure it opens and closes properly and we’ll note the pressure at which it opens.  Upon completion, we’ll provide you with an Inspection report and also submit a copy to any authorities that require us to do so.

On-site and will-call fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance service

Local, state and federal fire protection ordinances require that businesses and other types of public organizations have regular inspections of their fire protection equipment. We will automatically dispatch a state licensed technician annually, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly, depending on the equipment usage or the severity of the fire hazards within your facility.
Our fully equipped service vehicles enable us to refill and repair most Illinois fire extinguishers right at your location, thereby greatly reducing fire extinguisher downtime! It is a capability most other Illinois fire and safety companies don’t offer.

If it will be more convenient for you to bring your fire extinguisher(s) to us, you can do so any time between 8am and 4:30pm M-F.

Facility fire protection survey and analysis

Not sure what protection you need? No problem! It’s better to be safe and have a professional assist you with the complicated requirements. Our fully trained specialists will determine the facility’s fire protection needs and ensure the fire equipment is in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal codes.

Fire & safety layout plans

Fire and safety equipment layout plans map out the locations of important fire equipment and the type of equipment at each location. These plans, coupled with fire and safety signage, help employees (and our technicians) find your fire and safety equipment quickly!

Fire & safety equipment identification systems

These systems can be devised to ensure that the proper size and type of fire and safety equipment remains in the location it was originally intended to protect. It can also help pinpoint areas in need of additional protection or employee misuse.

Temporary replacement fire extinguisher service

Whenever a fire extinguisher is removed from a facility for maintenance or repair, codes require that the owner of that facility provide a temporary replacement extinguisher for protection, until the original is returned. We offer the use of our fire extinguishers as temporary replacements.

24-hour emergency service

Facilities with two or three shifts no longer have to wait until normal business hours to have their fire equipment recharged after use! Call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency service!

Short-term fire extinguisher leasing and rental service

This service provides temporary protection of special hazards or areas. Need a special extinguisher for a trade show display? How about for a summer fast food booth? Do you have a short term project that requires additional extinguishers? Our short-term fire extinguisher leasing and rental service can help you fulfill requirements in each of these situations without having to purchase the fire extinguishers outright!

On-site employee fire training programs

Presentations and instructions on the types, sizes and, most importantly, proper usage of the different fire equipment you have are given by fire protection professionals. Programs range from small propane prop fires to computer simulated and custom designed hydrocarbon live-fire programs. We’ll even show your staff how to use the fire hoses in your building! Click here for more information on our training programs.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders

Periodic hydrostatic testing of pressurized cylinders is required by law to ensure the integrity of the cylinder. The test is required to be performed at certain intervals, depending on the type of cylinder. Illinois Fire & Safety is a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) registered testing site and we test many different types of cylinders including fire equipment, scuba tanks, SCBA, and carbon dioxide beverage tanks. We have PSI and PCI certified inspectors on staff to perform visual inspections, as well as certified technicians to conduct Eddy Current tests on aluminum Scuba tanks. We can also provide visual cylinder inspections on clean agent fire suppression system cylinders. One of our technicians can explain what this service entails and when it is required.

Emergency & exit lighting maintenance service

Our people can verify that your emergency and exit lighting is functioning properly. This safety equipment requires maintenance at least once per year. We conduct on-site testing to ensure the lamps, batteries, charging system, and other components are functioning as required by code!

Fire hose maintenance service

Our trained professionals can the required regular service on your fire hoses to ensure they are in operating condition. Hoses are completely removed from their storage racks and a thorough 10-point maintenance check is performed.

Fire protection solutions for special fire hazards

Our fire safety specialists will survey, analyze, and design an automatic fire suppression system specifically for your unique fire hazard. Whether it be a computer room, flammables storage area, or an engine room on a tow boat, we’ll pair the appropriate fire detection equipment with the most effective fire extinguishing agent to provide a solution that matches your needs!.

Enclosure integrity testing (door fan testing)

We can perform the enclosure integrity test that is required when a new gaseous fire suppression system is installed and commissioned and every year thereafter. It is important to conduct these tests when required to ensure a sufficient amount of fire extinguishing agent will remain in the protected enclosure to successfully put out a fire.

Fire extinguisher layout plans for architects

Increase the chances of your project passing the fire inspection the first time! Let our trained professionals who are trained and experienced in NFPA 10 review your drawings and determine the proper size, type, quantity, and location of fire extinguishers required for your project. We’ll then place them on your drawing where needed!